The Outlining Struggle

The year is new and I have a lot of new resolutions, that’s for sure! But what I did not expect was to be thrust all the way back to square one with my WIP.

Yup. That’s right.

A plot hole. A new idea. A different direction.

I’m back to doing the part I hate the most. . . OUTLINING. I’m a stereotypical Virgo in that I absolutely cannot stand pantsing a draft. I need to know exactly which direction I’m going at all times to avoid any possible overwriting or useless chapters/scenes. It might be fun to write as it comes to you and learn your characters as you go, but I can’t imagine wasting so much time re-writing my draft to fix holes and foreshadowing issues that shouldn’t have been issues in the first place.

I will be a diehard outliner till the day I die.

This time is like the first, though, since I’ve discovered a secret. Authortuber Katytastic showed me the light with her 3 act, 9 block, 27 chapter method. I would highly suggest checking it out! Seeing story structure broken down so gracefully has made this process much easier than I ever imagined it could be. A story is beginning, middle, and end. Each act should also have a beginning, middle, and end. This is just so obvious and brilliant.

I’ve gotten my vague outline finished in record time with this method. Today, I’ll be detailing my outline so I can–fingers crossed–move quickly into Draft 0.5.

Draft 0.5?! I’ll explain this at another time. : ) For now, please check out this method if you’re new or old to outlining. You will be as floored as I was, I promise!

So here’s a question: which method of outlining do you rely on?