The Outlining Struggle

The year is new and I have a lot of new resolutions, that’s for sure! But what I did not expect was to be thrust all the way back to square one with my WIP.

Yup. That’s right.

A plot hole. A new idea. A different direction.

I’m back to doing the part I hate the most. . . OUTLINING. I’m a stereotypical Virgo in that I absolutely cannot stand pantsing a draft. I need to know exactly which direction I’m going at all times to avoid any possible overwriting or useless chapters/scenes. It might be fun to write as it comes to you and learn your characters as you go, but I can’t imagine wasting so much time re-writing my draft to fix holes and foreshadowing issues that shouldn’t have been issues in the first place.

I will be a diehard outliner till the day I die.

This time is like the first, though, since I’ve discovered a secret. Authortuber Katytastic showed me the light with her 3 act, 9 block, 27 chapter method. I would highly suggest checking it out! Seeing story structure broken down so gracefully has made this process much easier than I ever imagined it could be. A story is beginning, middle, and end. Each act should also have a beginning, middle, and end. This is just so obvious and brilliant.

I’ve gotten my vague outline finished in record time with this method. Today, I’ll be detailing my outline so I can–fingers crossed–move quickly into Draft 0.5.

Draft 0.5?! I’ll explain this at another time. : ) For now, please check out this method if you’re new or old to outlining. You will be as floored as I was, I promise!

So here’s a question: which method of outlining do you rely on?

All things end. . . thankfully!

I’ve gotta say, 2018 was like being trapped on a frenzied merry-go-round. The spinning made me dizzy, I puked at least a few dozen times, and–worst of all–I didn’t even get a refund! I’m SO glad it’s over.

So what the hell happened this year? Well. . . I lost my entire friend group, finally gave up on my birth family, was disowned by my adopted family, faced homelessness way too many times, got married, gained roughly 15kg from stress, learned to drive stick shift, and was formally diagnosed with PTSD!

If it sounds wild, that’s because it was!

This year was constant whiplash, and the expectations I have for this upcoming year are so miniscule that being disappointed would be impossible. But enough about the bad. I want to focus on the good.

This year I found true love. I found a loving community of twitter. I finally escaped my birth family. I lost everything that held me back. I found new things to aim towards, and 2019 is gonna be the year I bring all of these to fruition or die trying.

So my goals for 2019 are as follows:

  • Lose 15kg.
  • Figure out my university stuff.
  • Reach DELF level A2 in French.
  • Complete a first draft.
  • Read 12 books.
  • Move to France.
  • Find one thing per day that makes me happy.
  • Work through my PTSD workbook.

That’s all.

I want to keep my list easy amd achievable. No more let downs. I’ve had enough disappointment this past year and I need to move on for my own sake.

There’s still over 12 hours till 2019. Let’s have em be easy and let’s be content!

Happy (early) New Year, everyone!

The Journey Begins

I’ve been shying away from WordPress, but it looks like I’ve found my way here after all. 

My name is Marnie, local bookstore cryptid, Hufflepuff and ENTP. I’m a 25-year-old writer and aspiring author from Chicago. The primary focus of my writing is YA fantasy that features diverse casts and far too complicated magic systems. My current WIP is a planned trilogy, lovingly titled Corpse Cuddler. I’m also working on a standalone, Vision.

When I’m not writing, I love to sing, marathon documentaries, practice witchcraft, and read. 

I’m looking forward to spending my time here. 

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